Tuesday, December 9, 2008


What is youth Summit? Youth summit is a meeting or a summit where youngsters get together and discuss the effects, causes and the solution to climate change in the world. This youth summit provides a platform for the youngsters to come forward and put up their ideas and views on climate change and how can we decrease its effects. The youngsters have a great level of confidence and enthusiasm in them. The youth of today and tomorrow have to live in this world and it’s a must for them to improve the place in which they are living and they will live along with their own generation.

In the same way for the same cause there was a Youth Summit organized in this wonderful hill station named Panchgani and students from all over the world had come to participate and express their ideas and views regarding climate change and the ways in which it can be decreased to a low extend. We had many activities which really inspired us like the jungle treks, the add campaign where we had to promote problems of climate change with the help of adds to drive the attention of the masses, the making of an eco – community where we had to design a community which is over all Eco friendly, The AOl and the presentations that every participant had to present on the causes of climate change and the different ways in which we can contribute to decrease it’s effects on this wonderful place named Earth and after all these presentations we had to prepare a declaration which will represent us to the whole world.

I had a really good experience at the youth summit as I was provided a platform to speak out my thoughts, ideas and my views and could even influence a few people by my words. I learnt that if we all means the youth of today and tomorrow are united. They can make a great difference in thoughts of the people and make mother Earth a much more beautiful place to live.

I believe that the problems regarding climate change are big but the solutions to these problems are not big. If the challenging youth of today unites, having a great amount of enthusiasm, confidence and by putting the 3R’s in to practice that are to Recycle, Reuse and Reduce, which would make a big difference. If a little is done by all of us that is it. It’s us who will make the difference and no one else; it’s us who will be living on this planet and no one else. It’s us who will be having our own generation on this planet and no one else. So it’s our duty to reform the world and make it a better place to live not for us but at least for our generation. I am very happy to live in a generation like this where I get to see the beautiful wildlife, see the beautiful environment, hear the sweet chirping of the birds and smell the aroma of the beautiful flowers, but what about my children. They will not be able to see it all! What will I react when they will tell me that “papa I am irritated living in such a generation like this where there is nothing to see, feel, hear and smell.”!!

Thus I declare and we the youth declare this too that “That the Youth of today and tomorrow will bring our bodies into line and respect mother nature for what ever she has given us and reform this wonderful creation of God that we had destroyed and make the planet earth a better place to live in.”!!

Thank you,
Johaan Daruwalla.


Leila said...

Hey Johaan i liked this, you should keep writing! :-)

Ruchi said...

very nice... i'm so proud of you johaan! i'll be checking your blog for updates!

PRACHI...... said...

johaan..first a big..hug from me.. loved it all...:)))

you keep writing now... you write well... really proud of you...
more proud to call you as one of the abel's...

love you lot... take care..
keep up the writing..

Mathew said...

Johaan I'm proud of you!keep it up!